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2021-11-12 10:00:47 By : Ms. Aries Tao

The military funeral of veteran Dennis Hutchins was held in Plymouth.

The 80-year-old is from Coussin, Cornwall. He was infected with Covid-19 in Belfast in 1974 in Belfast because of a fatal shooting in Tyrone in 1974. The city accepts trial.

After his family made a request to the Ministry of Defense, Mr. Hutchins attended a military funeral.

The service was broadcast on a screen outside St. Andrew's Church and was hosted by the pastor Joe Dent.

When the hearse arrived, hundreds of mourners gathered outside Plymouth Church, along with dozens of motorcycles from the British Rolling Thunder team.

When the cyclists arrived near the church, they accelerated and blew their horns.

The pallet guards from the lifeguard of Mr. Hutchins’s former regiment carried the coffin into the church, with a Union flag, flowers and military caps hung on the coffin.

The family previously asked participants not to use political information, and will later hold a private event in Cornwall.

Mr. Hutchings pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of John Pat Cunningham.

Mr. Cunningham was 27 years old, but due to learning difficulties, his mental age was between 6 and 10 years. In 1974, he was shot in the back when he escaped from an Army patrol in a field on the Ama-Tyrone border.

Mr. Hutchins had previously lost the Supreme Court challenge to a jury trial.

His case has become the focus of attention in recent years, as many veterans have been prosecuted for their deaths during the turbulent past in Northern Ireland.

In July, the British government confirmed that it plans to introduce legislation to ban all trouble-related prosecutions.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the legacy proposal would allow Northern Ireland to "draw the line under trouble."

These plans were opposed by NI political parties and victim organizations, including ending all conflict-related estate investigations and civil litigation.

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