BTS members are allowed to dance on stage. Concert costumes will burn a Bermuda triangle in your pocket

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On Sunday, October 24, 2021, global K-pop superstar Bangtan Sonyeodan (also known as BTS) held an online concert "Stage Dance License" at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. BTS ARMY is still processing concerts. BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook all wear various costumes and look beautiful. The dance at the stage concert is allowed to feature the finest costumes. The boys made it hard for ARMY to breathe their hot gaze. And you will not be able to guess the price their customers pay for the concert. If you want to be as fashionable as BTS, get ready to burn a Bermuda triangle in your pocket, once the money is spent, puff, it will disappear forever. Let's have a dekko at the BTS style files for the Permission To Dance on Stage online concert. Also read-AMAs 2021: From BTS’s Artist of the Year award to Jungkook’s English speech, J-Hope-Becky G blowing kiss, RM’s resonance with Chloe Bailey-13 golden moments you can’t miss

For the PTD audition, Joonie wore a Fear of God hoodie with black tracks. The hoodie itself sells for $695. At the concert, he first wore a transparent vest/ganji. He paired it with a jacket from the Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2022 collection. He matched the same with DRKSHOW drawstring cropped trousers, which cost more than $1,000. Speaking of his accessories, he chose Double Link Choker, which sells for $315, and Rick Sunglasses, which sells for $619. He wore super fashionable Geobasket high-top sneakers, which cost $1,170. His other outfit is Casablanca, and a Terry Track Jacket sells for about $708. He is wearing a La Course Ideale shirt valued at $926. Check out the same price here: Read also-AMA 2021: BTS bag artist of the year beats Drake, Ariana Grande, etc.; also dismisses favorite duo or combination, favorite pop song; ARMY is ecstatic-check push Arts

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In the PTD audition, Jin wore a Louis Vuitton jacket and slippers, the price was 4,200 US dollars and 720 US dollars. He also wore a jacket from the Rick Owens 2022 Spring/Summer collection with a dirty vest from Ann Demeulemeester, which was priced at $230. His next look also comes from the Casablanca series. He is wearing a Cuban collar silk shirt worth about 789 dollars. He is wearing a pure white T-shirt from Louis Vuitton, which sells for about US$645.

In the PTD audition, Suga wore an old Mihara Yasuhiro sweater, paired with leather-trimmed cargo pants from Fear of God. Their costs are approximately US$680 and US$755, respectively. He wears a Y&M knitted hat, which sells for only $16. The rapper again wore Mihara Yasuhiro's Baker Low Top Sneakers, starting at $430. Unlike the two above, Suga wears Hyein Seo's bomber jacket, which sells for $855 and Eclipse overalls for $330. He matched it with Ann Demeulemeester's dirty vest like Jin did. His accessories include Wooing's Edge Oval Chain from Connie Woo, which sells for $154. He also wore icy Cuban links made by Quantez's clients. He is also wearing a Casablanca multicolor printed jacket valued at $915. In the end, he wore a bomber jacket and a fisherman hat, and the official PTD Merch was priced at US$101.26 and US$41.80.

For the PTD audition, J-Hope wore a Monogram Waves Infinity Pareo scarf by Louis Vuitton, priced at $450. He wears a cashmere hat from Chrome Hearts, which sells for $395. His "swipe" series of OTT sunglasses from GENTLE MONSTER will be available in 2022. And his FILA fashionable tennis loafers are priced at $152. For the first glance at the concert, he wore Rick Owens' Gary Flightsuit. The same price range is approximately US$912 to US$2,567. His accessories include a custom hand armor from 32 Dawn. He finished his look with Burberry's Eliot sunglasses, which cost $315. Hobby's second outfit is almost entirely from Casablanca. He is wearing pink high-waisted trousers worth about $1,000. He teamed it up with Window Print Silk Shirt priced at US$815 and a single-breasted belted jacket priced at US$2,378. The blue fluffy bucket hat comes from KHRISJOY, priced at $275. Last but not least, he also wears PTD merchandise. People saw Hobby wearing a T-shirt and a zippered hoodie, which were priced at approximately US$45.52 and US$82.68, respectively. His accessories include a beret for $39 and a neckwear for $37.16.

For the PTD audition, Jimin chose a Bottega Veneta crew neck sweater valued at $890. He chose a PTD hoodie that costs $82.68. For accessories, he wore Tiny CH E Plus earrings from Chrome Hearts, priced at $1,442. At the concert, Jimin stole a knitted vest named Moon Palace Knit from Hyein Seo. Its cost is $395. Wool knitting also comes from the brand. He is wearing Prada unit combat boots worth $1,550. His next costume comes from Casablanca. He wears a laurel embroidered denim jacket from the 70s, which sells for about $1,100. He combined it with several sets of pins from Toga Virilis, the prices were 117 US dollars and 160 US dollars. Vintage Hollywood’s eye-catching Romantic Vintage Pearl Necklace is priced at US$148. Most importantly, he wears Ruslan Baginskiy's Shearling Baker Boy Cap, which sells for $240.

For PTD, audition, V wears official merchandise, a beret, and sells for about $39. He teamed it up with Lanvin's Bumper Low Top Sneakers, which sold for about $550. He is wearing a gray pullover jacket with an olive cashmere T-shirt. His concert looks include Rick Owens' upcoming series. He matched himself with rectangular sunglasses worth $740 and a double-chain necklace worth $315. For his next look, he is wearing Casablanca. He chose a geometric-print zipper bomber jacket with Shell Chantilly lace shirts, which were priced at approximately US$1,527 and US$800 respectively. The geometric print tie completes his view on the cost of $282.

In the PTD audition, Jung Kook wore Supreme Bandana Faux Fur Bomber Jacket, which sold for $398. He paired it with the black Netting Knit Vest from DWS, which costs $44. He paired himself with Gentle Monster's Choice YJ C1 (BR) sunglasses and Mihara Yasuhiro's PETERSON OG canvas low-top sneakers, priced at $330 and $271, respectively. At the concert, he paired the film vest with Rick Owens' Dylan Cotton Jersey. Its cost is approximately US$350 and US$315, respectively. Next, he wore a Hyein Seo wave zipper jacket, priced at $450. These accessories come from Connie Woo's Wooing, each priced at $145 and $170. In addition, he was wearing two Casablanca shirts. The first includes a transparent graphic printed mesh top and an Art of Racing printed shirt, which are priced at US$811 and US$833, respectively. He teamed them with straight-leg tailored trousers worth $1,100.

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